Arrange your repayment from financial institutions

Bring to trusted lender all your loans that you have and combine them into only one and pay as much as you wish. Repaying for example, now 3 debts, these ones you can merge with us to significantly reduce the monthly payment and will pay only one, which is also without any fee for a credit account, taking out debt and early repayment or extraordinary payment.

Special solutions
With consolidation loans you can merge an unlimited number of payments.

For a financial Bank, you can consolidate all your loans that you pay regular monthly installments, credit cards and overdrafts. You can combine commitments with other banks also hire companies.

After the merger commitments will only pay one lower monthly payment.
Save management’s fees of more loans.
You do not need a guarantor or collateral.
Free for you, arrange the repayment from other financial institutions.
You do not pay origination fees for maintaining the loan account or for early repayment.
Consolidation loans can repay early at any time in full or partially and totally free.
The repayment period can lie up to 96 months.
You also have the option to obtain additional funds for anything.
You choose repayment date.
In the case of full disability, loss of job or can insure the insurance company.
Repayment takes place in the simplest possible way, and it regularly from a current bank account.

If you want to consolidate, building society, mortgages and other secured loans with regular installments, use the product consolidation secured by real estate.