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Cryptocurrencies are electronically generated digital currencies that were created to increase the security and speed of money transfers. Their fair value depends on the supply and demand of their users. Unlike traditional currencies, their conversions are therefore very fast and very cheap, the transparency of the conversion system is maximum and the data on the converters are almost zero. These properties are the basis of their popularity, thanks to which the price of one Bitcoin, the most famous cryptocurrency, exceeded the limit of 40 thousand US dollars at the end of 2021.

Quick Summary

Set up a cryptocurrency wallet.
Find the nearest cryptocurrency machine or connect to an online cryptocurrency exchange or exchange.
Buy cryptocurrencies like Btitcoin.
Store cryptocurrencies, pay with them or sell them at a better price.


Market situation. The extreme rise in the price of cryptocurrencies at the end of 2017 caused a huge media frenzy, thanks to which almost everyone learned about cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. Although Bitcoin has fallen sharply since then, it has dropped to $ 3,000, on June 24, 2019, its price climbed back to $ 11,000. At present, therefore, its price is far from reaching the past possibilities, which may be a promise for everyone with interestingly valued invested money. How to get Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrency wallets. Like classic money, you have to keep cryptocurrencies somewhere. So far, however, they cannot be stored in bank accounts or even in classic wallets. You must have special cryptocurring wallets for them. These wallets are either software or hardware. In the first case, it is a program on a computer or phone that behaves similarly to online banking. The hardware wallet is most often a kind of USB flash drive to which cryptocurrencies can be uploaded. Both types then show the number and types of cryptocurrencies owned and the address, ie the specific account number that is used to receive cryptocurrencies or as an address to send. For example, the Wirex wallet is used for software storage of cryptocurrencies on a computer, the Vault hardware wallet is used for software, and the Bread Wallet wallet is used for mobile software.

Where to buy bitcoin and cryptocurrencies? If you already have a cryptocurrency wallet, you can proceed to the purchase of cryptocurrencies, which always takes place through an intermediary, an internet exchange, an exchange or, for example, a bitcoin machine. The simplest offline solution is to purchase using a bitcoin machine, the location of which you can find out here, for example. Then you only deposit money into the machine, choose from a very limited list of cryptocurrencies, enter the scanned address of your cryptocurrency wallet and complete the purchase. The fastest online solution is through an exchange office (SimpleCoin, CoinMate, CoinBase, Changelly, etc.), which allows quick purchases often without registration and verification of the buyer. Compared to stock exchanges (eg Binance, Bitfinex, Bithumb, etc.), where registration and verification of the buyer is required, there is usually a higher purchase price. Nevertheless, this route is much more accessible for beginners, which is why we will show you a purchase here at the very popular SimpleCoin exchange office.

Purchase bitcoin and cryptocurrencies on SimpleCoin. The cryptocurrency exchange office works in the same way as conventional exchange offices. Here, too, money is exchanged for cryptocurrencies without having to deal with anything else. Thus, for people starting with cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency exchanges are ideal. SimpleCoin has been in existence since 2013.

Purchase of bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies on the stock exchange. If you already have some experience with cryptocurrencies and would like to trade more with them, cryptocurrency exchanges are available (Binance, Bitfinex, Bitmex, etc.). Their basic principle is that the client who wants to buy or sell is mediated by the seller or buyer. Eventually, the stock exchange will also arrange for the trade to take place. Thus, prices are determined by supply and demand, and there are so many counterparties that the trade is mediated almost immediately. The advantage over exchange offices is that the customer gets almost the best price that can be obtained at the moment. Exchanges also allow trading in cryptocurrencies, not only ordinary exchange, but also Market, Limit, etc. However, the disadvantage of exchanges is the need to register and verify the customer.

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How To Buy Your First Rental Property With Step by Step by Graham Stephan

Watch Step by Step Video Tutorial How To Buy Your First Rental Property

How to invest in real estate: Here’s exactly how you can buy your first rental property, step by step, and the process involved.

Step 0: Because this is where it starts, you’re going to need a down payment. Learn how to to save for a house.

Step 1: Unless you’re buying a property outright in cash, which I have a feeling is very few of you watching…get your credit in order. Learn how to build your credit.

Step 2: Make sure you have your tax returns prepared. If you’re self employed like me, a lender will ask for your last 2 years of tax returns and take the average income of those two years. Be ready for this!

Step 3: TALK TO A LENDER FIRST BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING. First, you’ll know EXACTLY what you can qualify for so you won’t waste your time. Secondly, if you find the right place, the lender already has all of your information so you can hit the ground running. And anytime you find a spot that’s worth buying, chances are, you’re competing with other people who want the exact same thing. So timeliness really, really matters here. The faster you are, the better the deal you can get.

Step 4: BEGIN LOOKING AT PROPERTIES. This is really meant to be the fun part…look at EVERYTHING you possibly can within your price range. Learn how to find a good deal.

Step 5: Determine cash flow. The reality is that 95% of properties just don’t make sense to purchase for an investment. They lose money. It’s also the reality that at a certain price, EVERYTHING makes a great investment – it’s really important to understand these numbers. Three ways to make money owning real estate. Mortgage Calculator:

Step 6: Look at properties that need minor cosmetic renovations! Learn about the most profitable renovations and the biggest mistakes.

Step 7: MAKE OFFERS ON PROPERTIES! Expect that not every offer will work out for me, I lose out on many offers because I offer a price where the numbers make sense, and if it’s any higher than that, I won’t buy it.

Step 8: Do your home inspections! Make sure to do as many home inspections as you possible can. Check the roof, the foundation, electrical, plumbing, if there are any leaks, bring in contractors for bids if it needs work…the more you do, the better.

Step 9: Understand escrow costs.

Step 10: RENOVATE IT! Watch videos on home renovations.

Step 11: RENT IT OUT! If you want to rent your place for top dollar, use REALLY good pictures, pick up your phone on the second ring, and be available anytime to show it. I promise if you do this, you’ll have no problem renting it out quickly. I personally like using, Craigslist, Zillow, Redfin, Trulia, and…the more places you property is, the better. Never just limit yourself to one of these, DO THEM ALL. Do tenant screening 101 too.

STEP 12: SCALE UP and repeat!

How To Save Money And Loan Consolidation

How To Save Money And Loan Consolidation

How to save money loan consolidation

An inquiry is one of the tasks that is easier said than done. But you can do a lot of things to spend less money (although it can be difficult for you too). How much money do you want to save, where will you put it and how will you ensure that they stay in this place? Here’s how to set realistic goals, pay attention to your spending, and get the most out of your money.

Get rid of debts. Simply calculate how much you will spend on debts each month and you will find that getting rid of them is the easiest way to make money. Once you have your debts paid off, you can easily focus on the inquiry. In addition, the sooner you are debt free, the less interest you will pay and you will be able to save that money as well.

If you want to start saving before you pay off all your debts, try to find out something about consolidating loans so that you don’t have to pay such high interest rates.

The only inquiry you should do before paying off your debts is a contingency fund (you should have enough money aside to survive 3-6 months if you suddenly lose your job). If you do not already have such a fund, you should set it up immediately and save all the remaining money there.

Set your survey goals. It’s easy for short-term goals – if you want to buy a video game, find out how much it costs and determine how much you’ll put aside. For longer-term goals, such as retirement savings, it’s harder, you’ll need to plan better (find out how much money you’ll need to live comfortably for 20-30 years when you stop working) and you’ll also need to figure out how you can invest. to achieve these goals.

Set a time limit. For example, “I want to buy a house in two years from now.” Also set data for shorter-term goals and make sure that your goal is realistically achievable. If you identify something that cannot be done, you will soon give it up.

Find out how much you need to save each week, each month or from each paycheck you receive. Think about every thing you want to save on and determine how much you need to start setting aside. For example, if you want to make a deposit for a house of $300,000 in three years, you will have to save at least $1,000 every month. But if you’re making $2,000 at work, it’s probably not a realistic goal, so set a time limit so you have a chance to reach your goal.

Keep records of your expenses. What you save is the difference between what you earn and what you spend – that is, between how much you have and how much you have to give away. Because you can adjust your expenses more easily than your income, let’s focus on them. Write down everything you spend money on each month. Be detailed and try not to miss any small purchases. Assign a category to each expense, for example: rent, food, entertainment, gasoline payments, telephone payments, energy payments, etc.

Keep a small diary where you write down all these things. Get in the habit of writing down even the smallest expenses and hiding your receipts.
Once a month, sit down with your diary and receipts. Write down all expenses in a larger diary or in a file on your computer.
There are many mobile apps to help you keep track of your expenses.

Limit your expenses. Focus well on the amount of money you have spent in the last month. You will surely be surprised to find out what your expenses were – for example, $40 for ice cream or $30 for parking tickets. You will probably already see items where you can save something. Depending on how much you want to save, you should seriously decide. Think about your priorities and try to reduce your spending so that you don’t have to make big compromises. calculate how much these small changes will save you per year and you will have much more motivation.

For example, can you move to a cheaper sublease or refinance your mortgage?
Can you save something on petrol or give up cars altogether? If you have more cars in your family, you can reduce their number and save a lot of money.
Can you buy better insurance? Call an insurance company and find out which one can offer you the best price. Also, try to deduct various items from your taxes.
Shop at discounts. You can buy a lot of clothes with up to 50% discounts.
Can you get rid of a landline and use only a mobile phone, or save by calling via Skype, for example?
Can you live without cable or satellite TV?
Can you reduce your energy payments?
Can you limit eating in restaurants? Try to buy food in large quantities or use different coupons. Do you cook at home? Maybe you can save a lot of money by making smarter purchases.

Rethink your savings goals. Deduct your expenses (those you can’t limit) from your income (after tax). What’s your number? Does it match your goals? Let’s say you can come up with $3,000 per month and your monthly income is $4,500. So you have about $1,500 which you can save every month. If there is no way to reconcile your survey with your income, focus on the things you want to save and get rid of the less important ones, or adjust the time limit. You may have to postpone buying a new car for another year, or you’ll find that you don’t really need that big TV.

Make a budget. Once you’ve managed to compare your income with your savings goals and expenses, create a budget so you know how much you can spend each month on things in each category. This is especially important when spending is changing or when you know it will be difficult for you to reduce it. (Eg “I spend only $50 per month for chocolate / cinema / coffee, etc.”).

Stop using credit cards. Pay for everything in cash, don’t even use checks. When you pay by card or check, it’s easier to spend more because you don’t know exactly how much money you have there. You may even exceed your credit card limit. Try to buy a special money box for each expense (eg a petrol cash register, a sweet cash register, etc.). If you only take money from the right treasure chest, you will always know how much you have left.

If you need credit cards but don’t want to be tempted to use them, keep them deep in your wallet and have a piece of paper reminding you of your efforts to save.
Credit cards are not downright bad, it’s all about self-control. If you can’t use them responsibly (ie at the end of the month to cover all your expenses), they can make your life a lot easier. But most banks make money on credit cards because people end up spending more anyway than they should. If you are not one of those who always pay what they have to do at the end of the month, it will be best if you miss out on the benefits of credit cards (such as extra money or free tickets).

Open a savings account with good interest. Separating the money saved from the others will make it easier for you to keep an eye on your spending. You can always find a good account with a favorable interest rate (there is usually no interest on a current account).

Pay yourself first. Saving should be your priority, so you should not say that you only save what you have left at the end of the month. Deposit your saved money into the account as soon as you receive the payout. Simply start by depositing 10% of each amount spent in a savings account. For example, if you receive $1,800 you take $180 and deposit them into your account. It works great and in a few years you will have saved a large amount of money.

You can set up a standing order from your account to your savings account. You choose the percentage amount that you will automatically send to the savings account each month. The advantage of this model is that you always save the same amount of money as you make.
Many employers allow you to deduct savings from pay. The money is therefore deposited directly by the employer into your savings account, so you will receive a payment that you can already spend in full.

Don’t get discouraged and don’t give up. You may not think you can never be rich, but it is possible to become a millionaire if you set a firm plan of inquiry and stick to it. You may be surprised at how much money you end up with due to a long-term investigation. It often pays to wait for good things, and the longer you save, the more you will enjoy your savings later.

Money Savings Tips

If you receive unexpected money, save most of it in a savings account, but still put your regular savings there. You will reach your goals sooner.
Even if you really want something, do you really need it? Mostly you will find that you can live without it.
Most people save something no matter what their income. Start slowly, but gradually get used to the investigation. Even if you set aside only $ 200 each month, for example, you will learn that you don’t need as much money to live as you think.
Shop for banknotes and store change in one place. Get a piggy bank, for example. Coins may seem irrelevant to you, but saving them can help you a lot. Some banks will now recalculate your money for free. If you have them exchanged, you should have them paid by check or bank transfer so that you do not have to spend the newly acquired money quickly again.
Take care of your property and take good care of your belongings. You won’t have to buy new ones often. For example, if your electric toothbrush stops working, you can continue to use it or see if it is still under warranty.
Always overestimate your expenses and underestimate your income.
Whenever you want to buy something, remember your savings and try to calculate how much money it would cost from your total amount saved – often you end up deciding it’s not worth it.
Use affirmations. For example, keep repeating “debts are inadmissible” until it gets fixed in your head.
Enjoy the little things. During the Great Depression, people in the United States were still able to have fun, even though they didn’t spend money on it. The children played with boxes of soap, the teenagers held dance competitions, and they all played Monopolies, put together puzzles, read and listened to the radio. Meet with friends and chat, play poker, or play musical instruments. It took creativity at the time, but everyone had fun without having to go to the malls, so you can do it too. Many of the friendships that were formed during the Great Depression last to this day.
If you pay the same amount of money regularly and it is easier to create a reasonable budget over time. But if your income is different, it will be harder to predict what your expenses will be, because you won’t know when you’ll get some money again. Write down the categories of your budget according to importance and first address those important things. Don’t take any chances and rather assume you won’t see any more money.
If you can’t cancel all your credit cards, at least put them on ice. Put them in a box, fill them with water and put them in the freezer. Whenever you feel like using the card, you will have to wait for the ice to melt and you may change your mind in the meantime.
Do you have a hobby? Balance it in your savings. The golden rule should be that if you have any hobbies (airplane models, newspaper clippings, cycling, diving, etc.), you should save the same amount of money you spend on your hobbies. For example, if you buy shoes for $80 you must also deposit another $80 into your savings account. Are you serious about the investigation? So double this amount! It will help you in two things: you will save faster and more regularly and you will have a good overview of how much you spend.
If you can afford to share your stuff with people, such as renting living space to someone, do it. When you help your friends, it will come back to them from them, because they will also be happy to help you.

Money Savings Warnings

If you screw it up and spend a lot of money, don’t blame yourself. But after the next payout, try to fix it!
If you are not really desperate (you are not at risk of eviction and your three children are not hungry), do not try to save your health. Take care of yourself, your family and your pets. When you postpone health care, you will face worse problems later.
After a long week of working, you may want to enjoy it luxuriously and say you deserve it. But remember, the things you buy are not gifts for you, only products exchanged for money. Say to yourself, “I deserve it, but can I afford it? If I can’t afford it, it doesn’t matter, I’d rather keep my savings goals instead.”
Don’t just go shopping in stores when you have some money with you. You will want to spend money that you cannot afford to lose. Always shop with a well-compiled shopping list.
If you often go out with friends and spend money on drinks and food, you’ll need to find an excuse so you don’t have to go out so often.

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How to get more LIKES on Instagram in 2024 with NO FAKE LIKES by Vanessa Lau

How to get more LIKES on Instagram in 2024 Methods

So, you want to know, how to get more LIKES on Instagram in 2024. Instagram is a great application for sharing your memories and photos with friends, family, but also strangers. If you share a lot of photos but feel you don’t have enough likes, this article will show you how to get more Instagram likes.
Continue reading “How to get more LIKES on Instagram in 2024 with NO FAKE LIKES by Vanessa Lau”

Vanessa Lau How to Gain Instagram Followers Organically 2023 Grow from 0 to 5000 followers FAST!

Instagram has so many users today that it is difficult to excel on it. If you get more followers on Instagram, more people will see your posts and more users will start noticing you. Here are some good tips for getting more followers quickly and improving the content of your posts to keep them interested.

In this video Vanessa Lau will teach you the five organic instagram hacks 2021 to show you how to gain instagram followers organically 2021 and how to get 5000 followers on instagram 2021 FAST.

If you want to know how to gain instagram followers organically, how to gain instagram followers, or how to get 5000 followers on instagram in 2021, then this video is for you.

I teach you the exact strategies to teach you how to grow followers fast 2021 and how to grow your instagram in 2021 with the 2021 instagram algorithm in mind to super charge your organic instagram growth.

No bots, no buying likes, no buying followers – all 100% pure strategies to show you how to gain instagram followers and how to how to get 5000 followers on instagram.

#instagramhacks #millennialtips #socialmedia #organicgrowth



Method #1

Make sure your profile is public. Private profiles almost never get any followers simply because only your friends can find you. To post an account, you must take the following steps:

Click on the profile icon in the lower right corner of Instagram and go to Settings (screw icon in the upper right corner).
Click on “Private Account”.
If there is a green button, then your posts are hidden. Click on it to unlock your account and make it public.

Use the most popular “hashtags”. “Hashtag” allows you to search for photos by specific topics and then view them. If you use popular “hashtags”, you can be sure that people viewing the photos associated with it will also look at your photos – especially if your photos are good. Thanks to “hashtags”, you will quickly attract other users and get more followers. The most popular “hashtags” include:

tbt (which means “throwback Thursday” – these are mostly older photos or photos from childhood)

Use geotags. The geotag attaches a location to the photo. Since other people can view photos from the area, they can use the geotag to access your account.

On Instagram, each location has its own page. All photos taken in the given location are available on this page and anyone who takes photos in the same location will see both their own and your photos on this page.

Distribute the upload frequency of new photos correctly. You may feel that if you quickly upload as many photos as possible to your profile, you will get even more followers. However, the opposite is true. If you upload too many photos at once, you will just flood the front pages of all your followers. Eventually, your potential followers will not want to follow you, and people who are already following you may change their minds and be removed from your followers list.

On average, upload a maximum of three photos per day.

Use filters wisely. Instagram offers a lot of filters, but it is usually advisable to use them in moderation. There are several filters that are very popular and that can attract more followers to your account. But first, make sure the filter really enhances your photo. The ten most popular filters are:


Combine photos to tell a story. Your photos will be more interesting if you combine more photos into one. There are special applications that allow you to perform this function. If you manage to do it correctly, the resulting photo will be all the more interesting and can bring you more followers.

You can use a photo editing app or use an app specifically designed to stitch multiple photos together (like Apple’s Pic Stitch)
However, it is not enough to just put a few photos together. You will have to use photos that have some connection to each other and can tell a short but interesting story.

Upload your photos during the busiest times. The photo on Instagram has a lifespan of three or four hours and then disappears irretrievably into its depths. If you publish your photos at a time when there are most people on Instagram, it is all the more possible that random people and your potential followers will get into your account.

The busiest times are in the morning and the time after work.
The busiest day is also Wednesday between 5pm and 6 pm.
Another very busy time is between 2pm and 3pm.

Only share your best photos and videos. The key to success on Instagram is not only quantity but also quality. The photos you post should only be of the best quality and should be published often enough to keep your account interesting, but not so often as to be annoying. If you post poor quality photos, your account is likely to be of little interest to anyone.

If someone comes across your profile, they will get an idea of your account from the first photo they see – which is the latest. If your latest photo is interesting and great, then the user will take a closer look at your account and may even choose to track your account. If your latest photo is blurry and shows plain bread and butter, it’s likely that the person will ignore the rest of your profile and leave it.

Method #2

Follow as many users as possible. One of the fastest ways to get other users’ attention is to start watching them first. In return, some will start watching you, while others will not. In general, however, the more users you follow, the more followers you get.

Look for popular users and users who follow many more people than they themselves have followers. These people usually want to increase the number of their followers and will follow you in return.

Update your account once a day to avoid unnecessary loss of followers. Followers are lost due to one of two errors: uploading new photos too often or uploading photos too sporadically. People regularly review their watchlists and delete boring or inactive accounts. So the best solution is to regularly update your profile with interesting content – at least once a day.

It’s common for people to remove users who upload too many photos. If you’re following thousands of people, your feed is probably constantly renewed. However, the “feed” of people, who are only watched by a few hundred people, can be directly flooded with only your photos, if you keep recording something new – which is very annoying.

Join one or two micro-communities. Micro-communities are Instagram accounts that engage a lot of users by sponsoring daily challenges or offering discussions on a variety of topics. Activity in a micro-community will help you quickly introduce yourself to more users who can start following you.

For example, the @ab and #ab communities offer daily challenges and forums. If you tag your photos with the hashtag #ab and follow the rule of this community, 1-2-3, then you can easily get a lot of new followers. The basic rule is:
Comment on two more photos for each photo you upload and “like” three more photos.

Watch for “like-for-like” and “follow-for-follow” accounts. You are not the only one who wants to have more followers on Instagram. There are a lot of people who express their desire for more followers by inserting “like for like” or “follow for follow” hashtags in their profile description or in the description of their photos. There are lots of hashtags that connect you to follower collection accounts. However, they change often, so be careful. To find users who are actively looking for new followers, try these hashtags:


Use the Tags for Likes application. This application is focused on getting more “likes” and followers. Generates hashtags that you can copy and paste into the photo description. Then you have to wait for other users of the application to follow you.

Add and remove from the celebrity watchlist repeatedly. People often look for followers on big celebrity watch lists by simply following a few hundred of the latest followers on a given account. The trick of repeatedly adding and removing from very popular celebrity accounts will help you keep your name at the top of the list with the latest followers (“Recent Followers”). You can quickly get a lot of new followers this way.

Kim Kardashian, Ronaldo, The Rock and Instagram itself are among the most popular accounts.
Theoretically, this is against the Instagram order and can cause your account to be suspended, so use this technique sparingly.

Use “shoes” to find people who are likely to follow you. These programs, while opposed to the Instagram user code, are a great way to find more followers. They search for similar users and “like” their photos. As a result, a certain percentage of users click on your page and start following you. Find more information at the beginning by searching for “Instagram Follower Macros”.

Method #3

Find the niche or industry that suits you. It’s much harder to get followers if people don’t know who they’re watching. Celebrities can go through publishing photos of their daily lives, but most people don’t care what you had for breakfast in the morning. If you can reach a certain part of the market, from cooking to pets and outdoor photography, you can also attract a lot of followers who love the same thing.

“Like” and comment on photos of others. Your chances of attracting the attention of other users will increase all the more if you actively participate in the events on Instagram and show interest in other people’s photos. “Oiling” photos is better than nothing, but it’s the comments that generate as much feedback as possible.

Sometimes you can get a person after you leave a comment on their photo. While this may not always happen, it’s possible that someone else will see your comment and look at your account.
It is estimated that every second Instagram users give thousands “likes” and hundreds new comments. Commentary is considered rarer and is more valued by others than “likes.”
Have fun with strangers in comments on other people’s photos. If you involve someone in a conversation by adding their tag to a comment, flattering them, and then following them, chances are they will follow you as well.

Write descriptions of photos that will call for action. When adding a caption to your photo, try inviting other users to take action – commenting on your photo. As soon as someone comments on the photo, the opportunity opens up for communication and building a new relationship that can produce a new follower on Instagram. Good examples include:

“Double-click on the photo if it made you laugh!”
“Write me a funny comment.”
“If you’re happy and know about it, double-click on the photo!”
“What should win? A or B? Vote in the comments!”
“Rate photo 1 to 10!”
“Which photo is hotter? 1 or 2”

Connect your account to other social media accounts. Above all, you should connect your Instagram account to your Facebook account. This way you can connect with friends on Facebook who also have Instagaram and quickly get a lot of new followers.

Once you have connected Instagram to Facebook, you can “automatically follow” all your Facebook friends. This will encourage your Facebook friends to follow you as well and ensure a rapid increase in followers on Instagram.
You can also promote your account on other social networks, such as Twitter, Pinterest, or your personal blog. You can’t link these accounts directly to each other, but the promotion should still help you reach more people you already have with your friends or followers.

Create a fan page and then link to your personal account in it, thanks to which you will get more followers. If you are a big fan of a movie, TV show, comic book, book or artist, try making a fan page for him. Due to the fact that a lot of people record mainly selfie and personal things, Instagram becomes very crowded. So sites dedicated to a particular thing or person excel more and have more potential to get more followers quickly. Favorite fan pages on Instagram are:

Accounts of pop stars.
Accounts of anime series.
Web comic book accounts.
TV show accounts.
Accounts of popular books.

Ask for “shoutouts” from popular friends. Try asking your friends if they could “shoutout” their account. “Shoutout” means that someone in their account will ask their followers to follow someone’s (ie your) account. Favorite accounts hold “shoutout” contests, and if you manage to win one, you’ll probably get a lot of followers very quickly.

Method #4

Remember that buying followers is prohibited. It’s against the terms of using Instagram, and if they find out about it, they’ll kick you out of Instagram very quickly. So buy only at your own risk.

Know the difference between real and fake users. Some services may sell you “fake” users, so it looks like you have significantly more followers than you actually have. Other services may be sold to you by “real” users, who are real people who agree to follow you and may or may not actively participate in your community.

In general, it is better to buy real followers than fake followers. True followers will be more active and will really help you keep your account active and thriving. Fake followers will only give you a number that will make your account impressive at first glance.

Be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of buying followers. Shopping for followers is the fastest way to get a large number of followers on Instagram. But it’s not the most practical option, so if you can afford to wait a few weeks, it’s better to get new followers using more honest methods and ways.

The biggest advantage of buying followers is the fact that you are guaranteed an almost immediate increase in their number. By making your Instagram account popular, you can quickly become more popular with other users. You also drop the coat of a “newbie” on Instagram and people start to take you more seriously.
The biggest disadvantage of buying followers is the fact that these followers are not interested in your account at all. In addition, shopping for followers is against Instagram’s terms of use, so your account may be limited if you are not careful enough.

Shop and be careful. If you decide to buy followers on Instagram, you should try several different services to find out which one offers you the best purchase. You should also look for reviews of individual services to make it easier to decide if it’s a scam or if the service is secure.