You can try suitable loan consolidation option

The Student’s Help For Debt by Robert S. Marks
Student loans are very common as we all have to do what we can do to get by in this life anyway. No point in going back, you are in debt crisis with all your student loans, so here is what you can do about it now. It is a very good thing that government, and a lot of major institutions, can offer support to students who have a load of debts to start out life with. With student loan debt consolidation programs that have low interest rates and very flexible repayment schemes, any student can have all previous student loans written off and a new student loan created to pay off monthly.

This book is a great reference for students who are thinking about taking out a student loan debt consolidation to pay off all his school loans. The steps here will guide you in using loan consolidation properly so you can get out of debt fast and start your life right with no debts to harass you.

How to Wipe Out Your Student Loans and Be Debt Free Fast by Martha Maeda
Many students, faced with the task of repaying such a large amount of money, become overwhelmed merely thinking about loan consolidation. You can learn from this new book how to eliminate, consolidate your student loans and be debt free. In this exhaustively researched book, you will learn everything you need to know about student loans, including grace periods, deferment, forbearance, interest rates, co-signors, exit counseling, prepayment, discharges, cancellation, default, and much more.

You will create a repayment schedule; understand the various repayments, consolidation options, such as graduated repayment, level repayment, income-sensitive repayment, extended repayment, serialization, and income-contingent repayment; and be able to choose the appropriate plan for your unique situation. Additionally, you will learn how to save money through consolidation, how to secure the best interest rate, how consolidating can improve your credit score, how to use lender incentive programs to save money, and how to lower interest rates.

Zero Debt for College Grads by Lynnette Khalfani
Many college students are taking out loans through loan consolidation to cover tuition, fees, and other expenses. Median undergraduate student loan debt is currently close to thousands, and graduate students end up with an additional thousands in debt upon graduation. Pile on thousands more in credit card debt, and many college students today graduate with massive financial burdens that they are not prepared to handle an, and need to consolidate their loans together.

Author, Lynnette Khalfani provides a thorough roadmap for stress-free living that will allow recent graduates to focus on their burgeoning careers while navigating the ups and downs of their financial responsibilities. Packed with practical tips, consolidation options, Khalfani helps students still considering loans and those already knee-deep in debt-covering topics like payment schedules, loan consolidation, “savvy ways to put off payment” and little-known loopholes-along with anyone trying to keep up with monthly bills and build credit.

How To Cut Your Monthly Student Loan Payment by Andrew Isak
If you can not to pay your currently monthly student loan payment, you can try suitable loan consolidation option. Inside this book you will learn the exact steps required to truly get you started on the path to freeing yourself from student loan debt. Everything you read here is real world tested and can work for you if you are willing to learn and implement a few practical consolidation options.

This book contains the exact system to consolidate and pay off thousands of student loan debt. If you follow this program exactly as prescribed, your financial situation will begin to improve very soon.

School Loans Gone by Christopher T. Lawson
This book describes methods and techniques for loans consolidation and eliminating student loan debt fast. This is real information that really works for people who don’t have six-figure salaries. When you follow the simple step-by-step instructions outlined in these pages you will see and consolidate your student loan balances fall faster than ever before. Just a life choices that you thought were out of reach suddenly return as viable consolidation options that you can realistically pursue.

This book is a gold mine of practical, hands-on consolidation information that will show you how to make your student loan balances go down rapidly each month using the money you already earn, and the specific steps you need to take to get completely out of debt in the shortest possible time.