SBA loan process is often disappointing for borrowers

Last October the Small Business Administration removed fees on SBA-guaranteed loans under $150,000. Although last year’s average SBA loan was closer to $380,000 and the year before was around $327,000, it might be interesting to note that before the financial meltdown in 2008, the average SBA loan amount was closer to $175,000—more in line with … Continue reading “SBA loan process is often disappointing for borrowers”

Reduce the total amount you owe as soon as possible

Many people around the nation are in the position, barely keeping their heads above water as home values decline and the economy continues to muddle along. Although you may not want to admit it; the high cost of your debt may prevent you from overcoming it on your own. The sooner you get in touch … Continue reading “Reduce the total amount you owe as soon as possible”

Banks offer refinancing loans

Do you have multiple loans and their repayment will begin to make you troubles? Banks offer a so-called consolidation or refinancing loans. Under a complicated name hides a simple service. Imagine that you are paying several different loans: you bought the debt by credit card, you took your consumer credit from banks and credit companies, … Continue reading “Banks offer refinancing loans”